White Sage Smudge stick

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    Native American tradition says that wherever sage is, evil spirits cannot enter. As well as being burned, desert sage is often held, worn or kept with sacred objects to ward off negative influences.

    This white sage (Salvia Apiana), also known as bee sage, or sacred sage, has the strongest scent of all sages we have; from a Californian valley full of sun, mists and orange trees, it is wild-crafted carefully and each stick is tied with love and magic.

    Med. size Approximately 6-7 inches

    Use the turkey feather to waft the smoke in the desired direction over a person, space or object. We suggest using the cardinal directions:

    Earth-North - Illumination, Discovery, Logic, Understanding, Mental wisdom

    Air-East - Beginnings, Awakening, Ascension, Vision, Spiritual wisdom

    Fire-South - Empathy, Trust, Faith, Inclusion, Love, Emotional wisdom

    Water-West - Conclusions, Stability, Goals, Foundations, Physical wisdom

    Ether or Akasha - the rarefied element believed to encompasses all elements all that is, was and ever will be.

    Download our Classical Element Cardinal Direction table.

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