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    Nano Vibrational Technology

    Shuzi ProductsEvery Shuzi product has been embedded with a chip containing Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT Chip). The chip has been programmed to emit subtle vibrational energy (scalar energy) which resonates with your body’s natural cellular frequency.

    Shuzi is intended to provide healthier blood by stimulating blood cells and allowing them to flow more freely. In many cases, tests have shown this stimulation results in enhanced circulation and reduced painful inflammation for those wearing Shuzi products.The benefits of Shuzi have been experienced when the technology is within 6inches of your skin.

    Unlike other vibrational or EMF protection, this technology is designed for everyday living and is offered in a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of every family member including our pets!

    Energy Balancing Products for Your Pets! Shuzi Pet, is a stylish, non‐invasive and environmentally safe proven alternative that can enhance the health and well‐being of your pet and is recommended by Veterinarians. Just like humans our furry friends deserve to live stress free too. They are exposed to everyday stress just like us. SHUZI products; balance and harmonize your pet's energy and gives them the ability to have more resilience and resistance against the harmful effects of everyday stress.

    Styles include: Fashion, Sport and Pet and yes, they are safe in the water.

    For more information, you can email us to receive a free product brochure for humans and pets or download here:

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